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The research project website includes a listing of all known Porteous/Porteus family emigrants from 1623 to the present day, a history of the Porteous family and brief biographies of some family members, and a summarised historical background to help put that emigration into context.

The Porteous Research Project is a useful resource for family researchers and genealogists – particularly for the collection and exchange of information about the emigration of Porteous and Porteus families (and other variant spellings – see the foot of this page).

It is hoped that it may be useful to analyse and seek to come to some understanding of the historical background and social factors that led to this apparent mass movement of people – whether political, economic or historical – and to investigate whether there emerge any common factors when compared with the history of other similar families from the same part of Scotland, ie, the Borders, Peeblesshire, Dumfriesshire and Lanarkshire.

The authors are seeking to establish the dates at which Porteous families emigrated, the principal cities and areas from which they moved, as well as the main places of settlement, initially in England and Ireland – and later in the Americas and beyond.

Any information about the emigration of Porteous/Porteus families (regardless of spelling) emigration to the US or Canada, Australia or New Zealand, other former British Commonwealth countries – or anywhere else – will be gratefully received.

The eventual aim is hopefully to build a more complete picture of their migration from Scotland, Ireland or England, and construction of a database of the main areas of settlement is underway. However, this will never in any way be exhaustive, and the project will be ongoing for many years.

Additionally, any information about families emigrating to the New World or the British colonies (at any time in the last four hundred years) would be useful, even if accurate dates and places of embarkation and arrival are not known. It is hoped that it will be possible to plot these details, to give a visual picture of how the Porteous families gradually fanned out from southern Scotland to every part of the world. Watch this space, as the site will be updated regularly.

The Porteous Associates
For all new Porteous/Porteus researchers or family historians – or those just enquiring about their family tree – it is recommended that the first port of call should be the website of The Porteous Associates.

Porteous Family Facebook group
General information is available, and helpful researchers and family historians can be contacted on the Porteous Family History group on Facebook, which can be found at the Porteous Family Research group.

Rootsweb Porteous mailing list
This Porteous Research site is not intended to give information about specific individuals or Porteous family trees, although links are provided to the many other resources which are available for that purpose, including the invaluable Rootsweb mailing list index from August 1999 to date.

Porteous Family DNA Project
For further information about DNA research into the Porteous Family, and how you can become involved in this cutting edge research, details are available at the Porteous Family DNA Project and on the next page.

William Porteous & Co Ltd, stationers and map shop, Glasgow, c 1977
Photograph courtesy of William Campbell

This well-known map shop and stationers in Exchange Place in Glasgow city centre is still remembered fondly by locals. It is thought to have closed some time in the late seventies or early eighties – precise dates are unsure. If anyone can provide further details, please contact the author of this site. The shop is now part of the Rogano Restaurant.

Note: For the purpose of this research, when discussing the Porteous/Porteus family, we include members of families bearing variant spellings, such as Portteus, Porteouss, Porteious, Portieous, Portious, Portiss, Portice, Portes, Portess, Portis, Portas, Pertus, Portus, Porteuse, Poythress and Porthouse, and others.

If you have any information regarding migration of your Porteous family, or you are interested in collaborating in the research project, please feel free to mail Bruce Porteous at the Porteous Research Project.

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