Traditional Porteous Coat-of-Arms


A previously unknown collection of photographs of the Porteous country in Tweeddale have been made available to the author of this site.

These were taken by Janet Boyd Kelly Anderson, the daughter of William Anderson and Janet Dempster of Glenriskie, between 1933-34, and show aspects of the landscape in and around Hawkshaw and the surrounding area before it was flooded as a result of the building of the Fruid Reservoir in the 1960s.

Many of the pictures show farmhouses and cottages in the area which have long since disappeared, and form a visual record of this countryside as it was in the early thirties.

I am grateful to Charles Houston for permission to reproduce this unique collection of photographs, all of which are by Janet B K Anderson.

Index to photographs

Hawkshaw, about 1934
Craiglaw and Hawkshaw, 1934
Stanhope, Drumelzier, 1934
'Kingledores', Drumelzier, 1934
Menzion, 1933
Over Menzion, 1934
Over Menzion Farm, Fruid, 1934
Tweedsmuir Church from the south
Glenriskie, 1934
Gameshope, 1934
Badlieu, Tweedsmuir, 1934
'Dykehead', Tweedsmuir, 1933
The Riggs, Tweedsmuir, 1934
Talla Farm, 1933
The Anderson family, about 1916

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