Traditional Porteous Coat-of-Arms


Wherever they went, Porteous family members set up businesses of many kinds, from publishers to cabinet makers, attorneys to architects.

Many of these businesses were originally established in the countries where Porteous immigrants first settled, that is, Canada and the northern US states, as well as in the Porteous homeland of Scotland.

Now, of course, Porteous families have spread to many parts of North America – and even as far away as Argentina. We will list as many Porteous firms as we find – and this list will be constantly added to.

1817Porteous, Hancox B Co, MontrealMontreal, Quebec, Canada
1817Crignan, Porteous & Co, QuebecQuebec, Canada
1833Yuill, Porteous & Co, grocers and spirit dealers2 Cambridge Street, Glasgow, Scotland
1836–74Dundas Smith Porteous, mechanical engineersSnawdon Works, Sneddon, Paisley, Lanarkshire, Scotland
1837Porteous, Mitchelson (and printer), booksellers and stationersHigh Street, Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland
1840Christie, Porteous, & Carson, Cedar ValleySt George, Jamaica, West Indies
1834–51Porteous & Kennedy, engineers and machine makers30 Causewayside, Paisley, Lanarkshire, Scotland
1862–63Porteous, Henry & Co, grocersSt Jean Bte village, Montreal, Quebec
1862–63Porteous & Hislop, publishersGlasgow, Scotland
1864–74Porteous & Co, general merchants and hardware commission agentsSt Sacrament, Montreal, Quebec
1873–83Hislop, Porteous & Mitchell*170 Main Street, Norwich, Connecticut
1873–1991Porteous, Mitchell & Braun Co, department storeCongress Street, Portland, Maine
1886–97Porteous & McLagan*, cabinet-makersStratford, Ontario
c1890Cornwall Standard-Freeholder* newspaper companyCornwall, Ontario, Canada
?George Porteus & Sons Ltd, engineersHunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire
1897–1921James Porteous' Fresno Agricultural Works*Fresno, California
1900–29Heywood & Porteus Ltd, ironfoundersGrove Foundry, Gomersal, Yorkshire
1909Porteous Decorating CompanyReno, Nevada
?Porteous & Mitchell, publishing companyConnecticut, US
1914–19Porteus Walker Construction CompanyEast Haddam, Connecticut
1917Porteous & SonMitchell, Davison County, South Dakota
1950Geo Porteus & Sons (Leeds) Limited, brewing, malting & distilling plant manufacturersLeeds, Yorkshire
1961Porteous & JohnsonNew Orleans, Louisiana
1966–presentPorteous Fastener CompanyLos Angeles, California
1974–92Porteous, Mitchell & Braun Co, department storeBurlington Square Mall, Church Streeet, Burlington, Vermont
1974–92Porteous, Mitchell & Braun Co, department store8 Gumet Road, Brunswick, Maine
1974–92Porteous, Mitchell & Braun Co, department store641 Stillwater Avenue, Bangor, Maine
1974–92Porteous, Mitchell & Braun Co, department store550 Center Street, Auburn, Maine
1974–92Porteous, Mitchell & Braun Co, department store830 Main Street, Ste 1, Presque Isle, Maine
1978Wright, Porteous & Lowe/Bonar, architectural engineersEast 98th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana
1990–98Simon, Porteous & Associates, publishersPO Box 589, Great Barrington, Maine
1998Porteus & Walker Company, architectsHartford, Connecticut
1928–2002Porteous, Hainkel, Johnson & Sarpy*, attorneys704 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
1928–2002Porteous, Hainkel, Johnson & Sarpy*, attorneys527 East Boston Street, Suite 200, Covington, Louisiana
1928–2002Porteous, Hainkel, Johnson & Sarpy*, attorneys211 West Fifth Street, Thibodaux, Louisiana
2002Rithner, Porteous & Cia, SA, printing and reprographics equipmentJosé C Paz 2950, (1437) Capital Federal, Argentina

*Hislop, Porteous & Mitchell was founded by three Scottish immigrants, James Hislop, John Porteous and Archibald Mitchell in 1873
*Porteous & McLagan, cabinet-makers was founded by George McLagan and Robert Sidney Porteous in 1886
*The Cornwall Standard-Freeholder newspaper was founded by Archibald Carlyle Porteous and George Porteous ca 1890
*The Fresno Agricultural Works was founded by Scottish immigrant James Porteous in 1897
*The Porteous Law Firm was established in 1928 by William A Porteous Jr and F Carter Johnson Jr

The above list has been compiled from information gathered from a variety of sources, much of it supplied in personal correspondence, and from postings on Internet bulletin boards, and its accuracy cannot be fully guaranteed.

Family historians are advised to check the accuracy of all names and dates for themselves. Wherever possible, the author will be willing to give further details of sources of information.

Please notify any corrections or omissions to Bruce Porteous at the Porteous Research Project. Any information about the emigration of Porteous/Porteus families (regardless of spelling) will be gratefully received.

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