Traditional Porteous Coat-of-Arms


A partial list of known emigrants from Scotland, England and Ireland.

Although all of the following individuals are known to have migrated from their homeland, this list is intended to give only a general picture of Porteous emigration, and is obviously far from complete. In some cases assumptions have had to be made about precise dates of migration. This list was first collated in 2004 and an updated list is now in preparation. Please see the note below.

before1623Robert PorteousScotland – Krosno, Poland
about1630John PorteusScotland – Devenish, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland
before1645Robert PortisScotland – Dorchester, Massachusetts
1650Edward PorteusNewbattle, Scotland – Violet Banks, Petsworth, Gloucester County, Virginia
about1725–30Robert PorteusNewbottle, Virginia – York, England
about1755James PorteousScotland – Kent County, New Brunswick
1760George PortisWales – Isle of Wight County, Virginia – Franklin, Nash County, North Carolina
1761John PorteousPerth, Perthshire, Scotland – Shenectady – Little Falls, Herkimer County, New York
c1762Andrew PorteousCarmacoup House, Lanarkshire – Montreal, Quebec
1766John PorteousEdinburgh – Bath, Virginia – Barron County, Kentucky
1768Robert PorteousLondon – Beaufort, South Carolina
1775Simon PorteusScotland – Georgia
1783–84Christiania PorteousAncrum, Roxburghshire – Washington County, New York
c1785James PorteousGlasgow – Jamaica
about1785Thomas PorteousLanarkshire – Addison, Vermont – Montreal, Quebec
c1787Henry PorteousRoxburghshire – St Helena
c1790Mary Cannon (née Porteus)Ireland – Nantucket, Massachusetts – North Carolina
before1795David PorteousScotland – Ogden Island, Ogdensburg, New York
1800John J PorteousStranraer – Waitapeka, New Zealand
about1800(unknown) PorteousScotland – Pictou / Colchester, Nova Scotia
1806–09William J PorteousDumfriesshire – St John's, Newfoundland
c1815Robert PorteousScotland – Madrid, St Lawrence County, New York
c1815Samuel PorteousScotland – Lower Canada – Carolina – Waddington, St Lawrence County, New York
1817George PortteusEnniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland – Boston, Massachusetts – Maryland – Franklin County, Indiana
1817David PortteusEnniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland – Boston, Massachusetts – Maryland – Franklin County, Indiana
1817Thomas PortteusEnniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland – Boston, Massachusetts – Maryland – Marion County, Indiana
1817Elizabeth PortteusEnniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland – Boston, Massachusetts – Maryland – Franklin County, Indiana
1817Margaret PortteusEnniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland – Boston, Massachusetts – Maryland – Marion County, Indiana
before1818Janet PorteousScotland – New York
before1819James PorteousScotland – Lanark County, Ontario
c1819John PorteusEnniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland – US (?)
c1819Moore Lee PorteousEnniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland – Philadelphia – Madrid, St Lawrence County, New York – Waddington, New York
after1819Sarah PorteousJamestown, St Helena – Edinburgh
1820Alexander PorteousHaddington, East Lothian – New Orleans, Louisiana
c1820Mary Grant (née Porteous)Perthshire – Quebec
about1820Thomas PorteousHaddington, East Lothian – Toronto, York County, Ontario
about1820(unknown) PorteousHaddington, East Lothian – Riverside, California
c1820James PorteusEnniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland – Easttown, Pennsylvania
1821Andrew Porteous(unknown) – New York – Canada
c1821John PorteousDumfriesshire – Lanark County – Renfrew County, Ontario
1822Andrew PorteousLiverpool, England – New York – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
about1825James Byam PorteousFalmouth, Cornwall, England – Jamaica
before1827John PorteousAberdeen, Scotland – Chatham, Northumberland County, New Brunswick
1827Peter PorteousLiverpool, England – New York
1828John PorteousGreyfriars, Edinburgh – New Orleans, Louisiana
1829David PorteousScotland – New York
about1829Georgina Anson (née Porteous)Scotland – Toronto, Ontario
c1830George PorteousEdinburgh – New Orleans, Louisiana
about1830James Hope PorteousDumfriesshire – Galloway, New Brunswick
about1830William PorteousAberdeen – Chatham, Northumberland County, New Brunswick
1830Robert PorteousOrkney Islands, Scotland – Fullerton, Ontario
c1830William Bevill PorteousJamestown, St Helena – Scotland – Cape Town, South Africa
1832William PorteousLockerbie, Dumfriesshire – Osgoode Township, Carleton County, Ontario
1832Cornelius PorteousYork, England – Montreal, Quebec
c1832Rev John PorteousMaybole, Ayrshire – St Catherine, Ontario
1833James PorteousLeith, Scotland – New York
about1833George PorteousLeith, Scotland – Australia
1834Margaret PorteousAuchtenbogt, Scotland – Toronto, Ontario
1835Nichol PartisDownham, Northumberland – Ormstown, Quebec
1835Robert PorteousEngland – New York
about1835James PorteousScotland – Richibucto Parish, Kent County, New Brunswick
about1835Mary PorteousKilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland – Hamilton, Ontario
before1836Donald PorteousJamestown, St Helena – Edinburgh, Scotland – Hull, Yorkshire
1836Eliza PorteousLondon, England – New York
before1838David PorteousDumfriesshire, Scotland – New Brunswick – Pembroke Township, Renfrew County, Ontario
c1838Capt Henry William PorteousJamestown, St Helena – Scotland – Cape Town, South Africa – Madras, India
about1839Mary Howden (née Porteous)Musselburgh – Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
1840Simon PorteusDrumadown, Ireland – Manvers Township, County Durham, (?) Canada
1840James PorteusDrumadown, Ireland – Canada
1840Thomas PortasLiverpool, England – New York
c1840James PorteousKirtlebridge, Middlebie / Hoddam, Dumfriesshire, Scotland – Nippising County, Ontario
1841Helen PortasEngland – New York
1841Thomas H PortasLiverpool, England – New York
c1841William PorteousLockerbie, Dumfriesshire, Scotland – Vernon, Ontario, Canada
c1841Andrew PorteousMidlothian, Scotland – Beaufort, Victoria, Australia
1842John PorteousKilmarnock, Ayrshire – Pictou / Tatamagouche, Colchester County / New Annan, Nova Scotia
after1843Jessie Ingram (née Porteous)St Stephen's Parish, Edinburgh – Chicago, Illinois
1844William PorteousLesmahagow, Lanarkshire – Scott Township, Ontario
before1845Jane PorteousEnniskillen, Ireland – Newcastle, Ontario – Cartwright Township, Durham County, Ontario
about1845Robert PorteousLockerbie, Dumfriesshire – Bruce County, Ontario – Newfolden, Minnesota
before1846George PorteousElvington, Yorkshire – Reach Township, Ontario
1848George PorteousGlasgow, Scotland – New York
1848John PorteusIreland – Norfolk, St Lawrence County, New York
before1848Robert PorteousScotland – Pembroke Township, Renfrew County, Ontario
before1849Archibald PorteousKirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfriesshire – Richmond, Carleton County, Ontario
1849Peter PorteousGreenock, Scotland – New York
1849William PorteusEnniskillen, County Fermanaugh, Ireland – Pennsylvania – New York
1849Eleanor PorteusEnniskillen, County Fermanaugh, Ireland – Pennsylvania – Napa, California
1849James PorteusEnniskillen, County Fermanaugh, Ireland – Pennsylvania – San Francisco, California
1849Simon Arthur PorteusEnniskillen, County Fermanaugh, Ireland – Australia – New York
1849William PorteusCounty Sligo, Ireland – Ohio
1849–50James PorteousLesmahagow, Lanarkshire – Canada – West Point, Calaveras County, California
c1850David PorteousEngland – Maryborough Township, Wellington County – Woodlands, Manitoba
about1850Adam PorteousGlasgow, Scotland – Warren, Ohio
about1850Rev David PorteousEnniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland – Box Hill, Melbourne, Australia – Hokitika, New Zealand
1850–51Andrew McKay PorteousScotland – Echunga, South Australia
about1850James Alexander PorteusMaguiresbridge, Ireland – New York
1851George PorteousMusselburgh, East Lothian – Wellington – Lyttelton, New Zealand
1852William PorteousHoddom, Dumfriesshire – Montreal – Cornwall, Ontario
1852John PorteousBeck, St Mungo, Dumfriesshire, Scotland New York – Pittston, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
1852Thomas PorteousEskdalemuir, Dumfriesshire – Wareek, Victoria, Australia
1853James PorteusNorthern Ireland – Hartford, Connecticut
1854Edward PorteusDrumadown, Ireland - Grey County, Ontario
c1854William PorteousDumfriesshire – Ontario
c1855Agnes PorteousLanarkshire – Darlington Township, Durham County, Ontario
c1855Margaret PorteousLanarkshire – Darlington Township, Durham County, Ontario
c1855Mary PorteousLanarkshire – Darlington Township, Durham County, Ontario
c1855William PorteousLanarkshire – Darlington Township, Durham County, Ontario
c1858Thomas Clark PorteousEdinburgh – New Orleans, Louisiana
1859Samuel G PorteousNewcastle-upon-Tyne, England – British Columbia, Canada – Virginia City – Reno, Nevada
1859–60Robert PorteousAlloa, Scotland – Tasmania, Australia
1860Robert PorteousGlasgow, Lanarkshire – Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
c1860Alexander Stuart PorteousGlenholm, Peeblesshire – East Whitby Township, Durham County, Ontario
c1860John PorteousStranraer, Scotland – Dunedin, New Zealand
about1860Robert PorteousCounty Fermanagh, Ireland – Mannors Township, Bethany, Peterborough, Ontario
1861George H PorticeBelfast, Ireland – Owen Sound, Ontario – Pickford Township, Chippewa, Michigan
c1861Robert PorteusBelfast, Ireland – Winnipeg, Manitoba
c1861John PorteousEdinburgh, Scotland – Waikouaiti, New Zealand
c1862John Alexander PorteusDevenish, County Fermanagh, Ireland – Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia
after1863Charlotte PorteousDumfries, Scotland – Brantford County, Ontario
1864William PorteousBo'ness, Falkirk, Linlithgowshire – Port Chalmers – Otaga, New Zealand
after1864George Robert PorteousHolytown, Lanarkshire – South Oamaru – Otago, New Zealand
about1865Margaret Baillie Simpson (née Porteous)Merryfield, Dunbar, Scotland – Yorkton, Saskatchewan
1865Alexander PorteoussWoolwich, London – Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
about1870George PorteousWales – Longueuil, Montreal, Quebec
c1870John PortusLincolnshire, England – Rockefeller/Mundelein, Lake County, Chicago, Illinois
1870John PorteousBiggar, West Linton – Glasgow – Hartford – Norwich, Connecticut
1871Jane PorteousWood Hall, Lanarkshire – Lanaconing, Maryland – Gypsum, Kansas – Cooper, Texas
1873James PorteousHaddington, Scotland – Santa Barbara – Fresno, California
1875James Matthew PorteusMullinacross, Ballintra, County Donegal – Hobart, Delaware County, New York
1876Isabella PorteousWest Linton, Peeblesshire – Brisbane – Blackall, Queensland, Australia
before1877Janet PorteousOld Monkland, Lanarkshire – Christchurch, New Zealand
before1877Elizabeth PorteousOld Monkland, Lanarkshire – Oamaru, New Zealand
c1880Thomas PorteusBelfast, Ireland – Tara, Arran Township, Ontario
about1880Hercules Scott PorteousLauriston Castle, Mearns, Crieff, Scotland – Colorado – Comox, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
1881William Walter PorteousLauriston Castle, Mearns, Crieff, Scotland – New York – Denver, Colorado – Vancouver, British Columbia
1882John PorteousGlasgow, Scotland – Bundaberg, Queensland – Westend, Brisbane, South Australia
1882–84William Lee PorteusLisdrumgran, Ireland – Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
1883Charles Edward PortasHannah-cum-Hagnaby, Lincolnshire, England – Mackay – Gympie, Queensland, Australia
1883Jane Bowman Mitchell (née Porteous)Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire – Westerly, Rhode Island
c1883–87Bruce Edward PorteousTradeston, Glasgow – Chicago, Illinois – San Diego, California
before1884Barbara PorteousBothwell, Lanarkshire – Oamaru, New Zealand
before1884George PorteousBothwell, Lanarkshire – Victoria, Australia
1884Patrick ('Young Rick') PorteousEnniskellen, County Fermanagh, Ireland – Ashern, Manitoba
1885Martha PorteousCrossford, near Glasgow, Lanarkshire – Yorkton, Saskatchewan
1885Alex PorteousBankend, Lanark, Lanarkshire – Saskatchewan
1886William Acheson PorteusLisdrumgran, Ireland – Tasmania, Australia
1886John PorteousScotland – Hartford, Connecticut (?)
before1887Joseph B PorthouseDumfriesshire – Chicago, Illinois
1889John Boothe PorteusCounty Leitrim, Ireland – Burnie, Tasmania, Australia
c1890Robert PorteousBelfast, Ireland – Winnipeg, Manitoba
c1890Christopher PorteousMilton, Glasgow – Santee, San Diego, California
about1890Hiram PorteousGlasgow, Scotland – Pembroke, Ontario
about1890Robert Frances PorteousGlasgow, Scotland – Pembroke, Ontario – Montreal, Quebec
1896Agnes PorteousStirling, Lanark, Lanarkshire – Vancouver, British Columbia
1896Elizabeth PorteousTinvale, Lanark, Lanarkshire – Yorkton – Vancouver, British Columbia
1896George PorteousCrossford, Lanark, Lanarkshire – Yorkton – Springside, Saskatchewan
1896Bob PorteousCrossford, Lanark, Lanarkshire – Yorkton – Ottawa, Canada
c1896Graham Maddison PorteousFalmouth, Cornwall – Cape Town, South Africa
1898John PorteousCoalburn, Lanark, Lanarkshire – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
before1899Edward James PorteousMonard Mills, Queens County, Ireland – San Francisco, California – Fairfax, Canada
about1900Lilian PorteousRajamundry, Godavery District, Madras, India – Worthing, West Sussex, England
about1900George PorteousHolytown, Glasgow – Auckland, New Zealand
1900Robert Crozier O'Farrall PorteousHolytown, Glasgow – Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia – Hamilton, Ontario
about1900Katherine Mabel PorteousRajamundry, Godavery District, Madras, India – Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
about1900Col Charles Arckoll PorteousSt Thomas Mount, Madras, India – Sevenoaks, Kent, England
c1902Gilbert Gilmore PorteousLondon – Buenos Aires, Argentina
about1904Thomas PorteousHolytown, Glasgow – Nova Scotia – Auckland, New Zealand
c1902–04James PorteousHolytown, Glasgow – New Brunswick/Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
1904Gladstone PorteousVictoria, Australia – Salown, China
1904Rev Robert W PorteousHowick, Scotland – Kiangsi, China – Olympia, Washington
1905Alexander PorteousStockport, Cheshire, England – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Vancouver
1908Roy PorteousLytham St Annes, England – Western Canada
before1909George C PorteousEdinburgh, Scotland – Hamilton, Ontario – Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada
1909Dr William James PorteousWaitapeka, New Zealand – Punjab, India
1909Andrew PorteousBothwell, Scotland – Indianapolis, Indiana
1910Hon George PorteousDouglas, Lanarkshire – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
about1910Annie Hewetson Porteous (née Lightfoot)Allerby, Cumberland, England – Ontario – Los Angeles, California
about1910Dinah Josephine PorteousAllerby, Cumberland, England – Toronto, Ontario – Los Angeles, California
c1910Lt Col John James Porteous, CMGLauriston Castle, Mearns, Crieff, Scotland – Argentina
c1910Cecil John Montague PorteousLauriston Castle, Mearns, Crieff, Scotland – Argentina
c1910James Frederick PorteousNewcastle-upon-Tyne, England – South Africa – Australia
1911Mary Ellen Morphett (née Porteous)England – Claremont, Western Australia
1911Isabella Seymour (née Porteous)Gateshead, County Durham, England – Inverell, New South Wales, Australia
1911Francis Pender PorteousPotchestroom, South Africa – England – Dunedin, New Zealand
1912Alexander Archibald PorteousPencaitland, East Lothian – Sydney, New South Wales
c1912John PorteousEdinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland – Montreal, Quebec – Bigger, Saskatchewan – Vancouver
c1912Andrew Sanderson PorteousInveresk, Musselburgh, Scotland – Canada
1913Esther Hare (née Porteous)Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England – Montreal, Quebec
before1914Maj Donald Valpy Porteous, MCRajamundry, Madras, India – Saanich, British Columbia
before1914Grace PortusUlceby, Lincolnshire, England – Montreal, Quebec
1918Stanley David PorteusBox Hill, Melbourne, Australia – Vineland, New Jersey – Hawaii
1918Capt George Alfred PortusHessle, Hull, East Yorkshire, England – Riverside County, California
c1919Janet McNicol Blackwood PorteousGlasgow – Montreal – Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
about1920Brig Gen Charles McLeod PorteousTinnevelly, Madras, India – Fleet, Hampshire, England
about1920Margaret Porteous Page (née Porteous)Scotland – New South Wales, Australia
1922Alfred Stanley PorteousSunderland, County Durham – Scottsdale, Tasmania, Australia
before1923William Gillett PortusStallangborough, Lincolnshire, England – Los Angeles, California
Maj Percy Gwynedd Porteous, OBERajamundry, Godavery District, Madras, India – Beckley, East Sussex, England
1923John PorteousWinchburgh, West Lothian, Scotland – Fremantle – Western Australia – Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
about1924William Skinner PorteousGodalming, Surrey, England – Three Rivers, Quebec
about1924William PorteousSunderland, England – Three Rivers, Quebec
1924John PorteousSunderland, England – Three Rivers, Quebec
before1926Williamson Brydon Frederick PorteousNewcastle-upon-Tyne, England – Australia
1929Robert Bennett PorteousGateshead, Tyne and Wear, England – Verdun – Notre Dame de Grace, Montreal, Quebec
about1935Col Vivian PorteousPodanur, Coimbatore, India – Yeovil, England
about1935Andrew PorteousGlasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland – Warwick, Rhode Island
before1936James Frederick PorteousNewcastle-upon-Tyne, England – Australia
before1937Col Patrick Anthony Porteous, VCAbbottabad, North West Frontier, India – Funtington, West Sussex, England
c1951John Duncan PorteousScotland – Australia
after1951John PorteousDulwich, London, England – Kalamunda, Western Australia
before1952 ?John Charles PorteousWoolwich, London, England – Wanganui, New Zealand
1953Lieut Charles Lawrence Porteous, MCTinnevelly, SE India – Adelaide, Australia
about1960James Adam PorteousEdinburgh, Scotland – Durban, Natal, South Africa
before1967Evan Lyle PorteusPunahou, Hawaii – Stanford, Los Angeles, California
after1970Sandra Naismith (née Porteous)Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland – British Columbia
before1975John Douglas PorteousHowdendike, York, East Yorkshire, England – Victoria, British Columbia
before1979William Rennie PorteousAuckland, New Zealand – Alberta, Canada (?)
about1980Nigel PorteousStirling, Scotland – Malaga, Spain
1980Antony Ian PorteusBristol, England – Perth, Western Australia
c1991Richard James Stuart PorteousScottsburgh, Natal, South Africa – Calgary, Alberta

The above list has been compiled from information gathered from a variety of sources, much of it supplied in personal correspondence, and from postings on Internet bulletin boards, and its reliability cannot necessarily be fully guaranteed.

Family historians are advised to check the accuracy of all names and dates for themselves. Wherever possible, the author will be willing to give further details of sources of information.

Please notify any corrections or omissions to Bruce Porteous at the Porteous Research Project. Any information about the emigration of Porteous/Porteus families (regardless of spelling) will be gratefully received.

Researchers wishing to download a complete listing of emigrants containing much more information, such as dates, names of ships and references can do do so by clicking here: download Emigrants Listing. This is provided in the form of a spreadsheet and is gathered from information supplied to the author. This list was first collated in 2004 and a new list of over 450 individuals is currently in preparation.

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