Traditional Porteous Coat-of-Arms


Robert Richard Porteous
Lance-corporal, US Marine Corps (1946–67)

Vietnam War, February 5, 1967

Robert Richard Porteous, Lance-corporal, US Marine Corps (1946–67), born Indianapolis, Indiana, USA on June 7, 1946.

Killed in action by small arms fire at Quang Nam, near Phu Bai, South Vietnam on February 5, 1967.

Lance-corporal Robert Richard Porteous was the only Porteous family member killed during that conflict. A reservist in the US Marine Corps, he was killed by small arms fire at Quang Nam, South Vietnam. He was twenty. A Roman Catholic, his body was recovered and returned home.

The only Porteous name recorded on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall in Washington, DC is that of Lance-corporal Robert Richard Porteous, US Marine Corps.

His name appears on the Memorial Wall on Panel 14 East, Line 124.
His body was recovered and returned to his family.

Eldest son of George and Katherine Porteous of Indianapolis, he was known as 'Bob' to his family, who were devastated at his loss. Originally intending to enlist in the US Navy, he joined the US Marines instead, where he was later earmarked as a candidate for Officer Candidate School. He was 6'5", a sportsman, who especially liked fly fishing and tinkering with auto engines.

Robert Richard Porteous would have been 68 this year.

Photo courtesy of the family of Robert Porteous. We are indebted to Peyton H. Ford, uncle of R.R. Porteous, for information about his life.

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